"Hoooooooooly shit, that’s gonna bruise.” 

[ sad trombone noises ]


Evac yawns and butts Bee’s helm in the same manner, “Good to see you too. Hope things have been quiet for you.”

— -A nod of his helm. "I believe they have been," Bee’s vocoder comes to surface. “It is rather pleasant getting a decent amount of recharge for once.”

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Track: Hips Don't Lie
Artist: Shakira ft. Wyclef Jean
Album: Oral Fixation Vol. II
Plays: 17,213


Shakira ft. Wyclef Jean - Hips Don’t Lie


Crosshairs peeked through his optics shutters, grinning softly as he spotted the fact that Bee was awake. He shifted upright, uncrossing his legs at the ankles as he sat up. His optics brightened as he grinned.

"Mornin, sleepin beauty."

— -Grunting, the scout tries his best to burry his face plates into the crook of his elbow pretending that maybe he was still tired or in need of recharge. Huffing into his arm, Bee’s large puppy dog eyes looking out and over at the green mech. 

"You do happen to know it is considered rude to stare?" His metallic voice rings out in the barn.

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He couldn’t sleep either.  He was always something of a night person.  He wasn’t hungry, and for some reason he felt restless.  His fingers flexed, and he cracked his knuckles again for the third time.  He was pacing too.  When he looked over and noticed Bee was up and moving, he gave the scout a smile.  ”You too, huh?”

— -The scout’s engines give an affirmed rumble, helm rolling to the side as his frame soon followed as he watches the male pace. Chirping out a tone or two, Bee cups his chin in a servo.

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Sometimes, falling asleep was a hard thing to do for the last Witwicky. So, here he is awake. “Can’t sleep either, Bee?” He says, walking over to his guardian.

— -Systems responding with a lazy trill of his engines, the mech turns his attention to the boy. Various plated shift, groan, Bumblebee moving an arm out in front of himself to use as a pillow for his helm. Along with his answer, the bot tilts his head in a questioning sort of way wondering why the human was still awake at such later hours.

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