"You’re a dork."

She’s teasing of course. Turning to look at the mech over her shoulder, she tosses him a friendly grin before finishing whatever she was doing and turning to face him.


"What are you even doing?"

— -Giving a chirp, the metal being nests his helm onto a pair of yellow arms. Bumblebee’s round orbs watch his friend in not - so - hidden excitement.

His response is only a shrug of his shoulders and a twitter from his radio.

(Source: radio-guardian)




I have this humanformer account over yonder that I will be linking to eventually for Bumblebee here. Due to some chit chat with pals I have been really inching to write on his account lately and the number one thing I have been wanting to do is a Last of Us style AU.

But anywho, if you guys are interested I will be post his link in a day or so once I get the chance to re-theme the blog. 


"Bee what are you doing?" Kyla giggled, standing in front of his hiding place with a hand on her hip.

— -A chirp in surprise at being spotted, the camaro shuffles on his metal pedes. Lowering his upper frame to the grassy floor, his pair of winglets flutter to and fro within the canopy of trees disturbing the evening’s silence with rustling leaves. 

(Source: radio-guardian)

Is this open for anyone, hon? :)

Not as of right now no :c

I don’t want to overwhelm myself with a lot of threads at once so I am starting small as of right now.

But eventually (maybe sometime this coming week?) I’ll post an open thread for anyone to reply to.  

— -Perhaps if the scout were to lurk here long enough he would acquire the humans attention. It was unlikely that one could overlook a giant such as himself. Not to mention his rather not - so - subtle yellow paint job.  

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I’ll try and get something small out for you guys to reply to!

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