I’ll never not adore this JLI cover featuring Amanda Waller 

This is also the cover of one of my favorite plots I’ve blogged about before wherein Blue Beetle is brainwashed and very nearly takes down the entire league, even Batman. Amanda Waller comes in and punches his ass out. 

I love this character 

[ squints ]

[ *whispers* Kara has a Last of Us universe and does, indeed, look like a human, so…? ]

let us sit and talk about this yes? I have been dying to do a thread with you ;w;

behind the vocoder;

If anyone is up for it I would really like to start a human!verse Bumblebee thread this week. I may be slow at getting back to you but I would like to get a thread going since I have next week after this off. 

I would like to do something either Last Of Us related or maybe something cute.

Any takers?



"Bee, you know, if you want my attention, you could just ask." It wasn’t that hard for Samuel to tell when his guardian wanted his attention.

— -Now that wasn’t fun at all. He gives a jumbled sentence of chirps and a few beeps before settling himself up and away from the greenery. Bee had hoped to scare the human but not today. 

Hand on hip, optics turned towards his friend the camaro sighs.

(Source: radio-guardian)




"You’re really bad at hiding you know that?"

— -A heavy rattle of metal and suddenly - —BAM— - there’s a beautiful camaro sitting a few paces away. Bumblebee has no idea what you’re talking about missy. He is the master of hiding. 

(Source: radio-guardian)

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// Wow thanks for all of requests you guys ; ; This is really cool! I’ll be back to those I haven’t done yet tomorrow or maybe later tonight! I need a small break c: